Projects & Training

We work extensively with community groups and public bodies across Scotland on place-based projects. In particular, we are experienced in supporting community groups and public bodies undertake engagement activities to help communities articulate, develop and deliver plans to improve a particular place.

As well as place-based projects, we provide skills training for community organisations, planners, elected members and public bodies. Find out more about how we have delivered training and support and how we might assist your organisation.


Skills training

Community Council training

Community Councils have a statutory role in the Scottish planning system. It is therefore important that Community Councillors understand how planning works in practice and their rights and responsibilities. For more information, download this PDF.

Elected Members’ training

PAS offers specialist training for Elected Members to assist them in their role as decision-makers and facilitators in the planning system. The training is delivered by PAS staff and senior qualified planners (who are also PAS volunteers). For more information, download this PDF.

SP=EED Verification

SP=EED® is our practical toolkit for effective community engagement. It is referred to in Scottish Government guidance and can be downloaded free from the PAS website. 

For more information, download this PDF or visit the SP=EED page.


Young People and Placemaking

We’ve produced a short introduction to the planning system for young people – click here to download it.

Bridging the Gap

The ‘Bridging the Gap’ project is the first of its kind in the UK encouraging a unique sustained intergenerational partnership that will equip young people with the skills and tools to engage with placemaking and learn about decision making. For more information, download this Bridging the Gap PDF.

In the Footsteps of Geddes

Continuing the mission started by our previous youth-oriented projects, the Heritage Lottery funded “In the Footsteps of Geddes” engages young people with their place and the heritage through the medium of digital technology. Download our PDF for more information.

Place Work Folk

The purpose of this project was to introduce young people to planning and placemaking, by looking particularly at how their own area’s heritage has led to the development of their local place.  For more information, download our PDF on the project.


Gypsy/Travellers and the Scottish planning system

This project produced a series of five guides on the topic of Gypsy/Travellers and the Scottish planning system. These comprised a guide to the Scottish planning system for Gypsy/Travellers, and separate bespoke guidance documents on Gypsy/Traveller planning issues for Community Councils, Elected Members, Planning Professionals and the Media. These were produced following documentary research on the issues and good practice, and a period of engagement with Gypsy/Travellers and experts in this field.


Community & place-based projects

  • Stromness, ‘What’s Next For Stromness?’ Local Place Plan (2019) – summary
  • Newhaven, ‘Heart of Newhaven’ community project (2019) – summary
  • Elie & Earlsferry, ‘Going Forth’ Local Place Plan project (2019) – summary
  • Kirkwall ‘Your Kirkwall’ project (2017-18) – summary
  • Rosefield Mills project (2017-18) – summary
  • Cupar Town Centre ‘Cupar Could’ project (2016) – summary
  • Fauldhouse Village Centre (2016) – summary
  • Isle of Rum Community Land-Use Plan (2015) – summary
  • Motherwell town centre project (2015) – summary
  • Laurencekirk ‘Shaping Laurencekirk’ project (2015) – summary
  • Levenmouth town centre project (2013) – summary

Training events

  • Local Place Plans – training for planners & community groups – summary


Research projects

  • Gypsy/Traveller accommodation needs research project (2019-20) – summary