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Who we are

PAS is Scotland’s leading place and active citizenship charity. We support a planning system that is inclusive, positive and innovative, where individuals and communities help shape the future of their place. We are a volunteer-led organisation supported by a network of over 400 specialist volunteers, including professionals from across the built environment sector. We have continuously held Investing in Volunteers status since 2008. Find out more about PAS here.


Who we help

We help individuals and community organisations to get involved in decision-making in the planning system in an impartial, open and inclusive way. We provide skills training and support for community groups, planners, elected members and public bodies. In particular, we work to engage children and young people in their places and offer support to seldom-heard groups who often cannot readily engage in the planning system.


What we do

We help people to understand and influence the place where they live by providing impartial advice, skills training and supporting communities to develop and deliver their own aspirations for their place. We offer a free, impartial and confidential planning advice service, provided by our specialist volunteers, all of whom are chartered planners. Find out how to submit your enquiry.


How to get involved

For free, impartial and confidential advice on planning issues, please submit an enquiry through our Advice Service. To find out more, visit the blog or projects page. If you’re a community group or public body and would like to find out more about how we could assist you, please get in touch.



We offer a free, impartial and confidential telephone advice service to help with any planning issues, whether about your own home or wider planning issues in your community. Please visit the Advice page to find out more about this service and to submit your enquiry online.

We also provide information about the planning system, with specific information sheets about common issues, and details of how to contact the planning authority in your local area. Find out more.

The Scottish Government provides funding to support the development and running of the Advice Service.



Latest news

Help us make a zine about place!

Help us make a zine about place!

We are creating a town planning zine, under the title “An unofficial guide to involving young people in their place”.



We work extensively with community groups and public bodies across Scotland on place-based projects. In particular, we are experienced in supporting community groups and public bodies undertake engagement activities to help communities articulate, develop and deliver plans to improve a particular place. Find out more about some of our place-based projects.

As well as place-based projects, we provide skills training for community organisations, planners, elected members and public bodies. Find out more about how we have delivered training and support and how we might assist your organisation.


SP=EED: Engagement Skills

  SP=EED is our practical guide to undertaking effective community engagement in planning and is freely available to download. We also offer SP=EED Verification a training programme in engagement skills. Find out more about SP=EED.

Download the SP=EED Guide

SP=EED Guide



Volunteers are at the heart of what PAS do. From planners, to students, to artists, to facilitators, each one of our volunteers brings their unique set of skills and expertise to help communities become better involved in planning and placemaking. In recognition of our commitment to volunteering, we have achieved and held Investing in Volunteers accreditation continuously since 2008.

We have a unique volunteer programme which allows you to volunteer flexibly and to suit your lifestyle and interests. Depending on the role our opportunities can be occasional or regular. However you choose to volunteer with PAS your involvement will bring new opportunities and perspective, access to free, regular training opportunities, and access to a network of people who are committed to making planning and placemaking available to all. “It’s a good feeling to know you are helping someone – even if it is just how to help themselves. And from a career perspective, as I don’t work in development management anymore, it helps keep my skills and knowledge refreshed.”
We need all kinds of different people to support us deliver our services. Here is some information about the roles we have available. The Advice Service The Advice Service was founded more than 20 years ago by a group of planners who recognised the complexity of planning as experienced by members of the public. It now deals with hundreds of cases a year. PAS offers an Advice Service which aims to empower members of the public and community groups to get involved with planning. We know that the planning system can be very confusing, which is why we try to connect people with planners like you. PAS Advice Service volunteers offer guidance to help people understand and engage with the planning system.  That is why we are looking out for fully chartered planners to volunteer. Being an Advice Service volunteer is an interesting and flexible role:    

  • It is a phone/ email-based service, so you don’t even need to leave the house
  • You can choose the type and number of cases you take on. Each case generally takes between 30 – 60 minutes of your time

Want to get out and about? Or not a chartered planner?  As well as Advice Service our other volunteer opportunities include:

  • Youth/Education Volunteer
  • Training Volunteer
  • Events Volunteer

Workshop Volunteer ‘It has, and continues to be incredibly worthwhile for personal and professional development. I have also made many friends through volunteering!’

Contact To find out how to register as a volunteer please contact Erin Fulton, Volunteers and Interns Manager, for a friendly chat about volunteering and to find out which opportunities could suit you best.

Contact us

For planning advice enquiries, please submit your enquiry through the Advice page.  For general enquiries, please contact the office at or on 0131 220 9730.

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