We’ve brought our free resources, guides and toolkits together into one page, to help you locate what you need as quickly as possible. Where a resource originally comes from another service or project, we provide a link to the source so you can easily find out more.

PAS Guide for Community Delivery of Local Place Plans

Is your community thinking of creating a Local Place Plan (LPP)? Our Guide explains the role of LPPs in the Scottish planning system and offers a framework to support you with developing and delivering your plan:

To find out more about Local Place Plans, take a look at our Community-led Plans page.

Local Place Plan project management tool

This simple tool is designed to help a steering group embarking on a Community-Led Local Place Plan begin to order and structure your thoughts.

This is not a template for producing the Local Place Plan report itself.  But a Project Management Tool to help you plan your process from the beginning.

Download the tool here.

Community Map Scotland – free mapping software for communities

If your community is thinking about creating a Local Place Plan (LPP), you may find the Community Map Scotland software to be of help. Community Map Scotland is a software project to help your community build a Local Place Plan.

Parish Online, the company behind the software, will fully funding the Community Map Scotland project for your first 12 months, so you can get started at no cost.

Find out more and sign up to get started on the Community Map Scotland website.

Placecheck tool

Placecheck is a simple way of finding out what a place and its people can tell us, and starting the process of making change happen. A Placecheck can be carried out for a street, a park, a neighbourhood, a town centre or any other place. Communities interested in preparing a Local Place Plan may find the tool helpful. It’s currently free for community groups and community councils.

PAS Guide to Effective Community Engagement: SP=EED

SP=EED is our guide and toolkit to support more effective and meaningful community engagement in the planning system. You can find out more about it on the SP=EED page, or directly download the guide below.

Information Sheets on Planning Issues

In the following information sheets we aim to simplify various aspects of the planning system. For more information or to submit an enquiry, please visit our Advice Service page.

Info sheets last revised April 2023.

1. Development Planning (available shortly)
2. Development Management
3. Material Considerations
4. Planning Appeals and Local Reviews
5. Enforcement
6. Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas
7. Rights and Challenges in the Scottish Planning System
8. Planning and Transport
9. Glossary of Common Planning Terms in Scotland
10. Introduction to Planning for Young People
11. Applying for a Householder Planning Application on e-planning

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