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Make sense of the planning system with PAS at your side!

We provide training on the planning system in Scotland for community groups, elected members and public bodies. Sessions can be tailored to your needs, providing an overview of the system, as well as focus on particular roles and responsibilities relevant to your context.

You can expect:

  • Friendly, approachable style – our trainers are dedicated to making planning accessible and understandable to all
  • Impartiality – PAS places neutrality above all else. We are wholly independent and do not represent the views of any planning authority, developer, individuals or organisation.
  • Expertise – we bring years of experience of working within the planning system in Scotland
  • Participative approach – our training is interactive, designed to bring planning to life through a mix of information, examples, activities and discussion
  • After care – we are on hand after your event for further questions or discussion points and with your permission will keep you updated with news and opportunities from PAS

In particular we offer:

  • Community Council training
  • Elected Member training
  • Engagement skills training

To find out more about any of our training programmes or to enquire about bespoke training on any aspect of the planning system or community engagement, get in touch with David Wood david@pas.org.uk.

‘The training was great, it certainly opened our eyes to the bigger picture that’s for sure! The format worked brilliantly, lots of great discussion taking place and we’ve come away with a lot of things we need to look at’

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