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SP=EED® is our practical guide to effective engagement in planning. It is referred to in the Scottish Government Planning Advice Note 3/2010 as a benchmarking tool for community engagement.

Effective community engagement skills are a key requirement for planners. The report of the independent review of the Scottish planning system (2016) and the current planning consultation paper Places, people and planning – as its title suggest – strongly emphasises the role of planning in achieving genuine community involvement.

The SP=EED approach provides a clear and practical framework for carrying out engagement projects. It sets out 3 levels of engagement (Informing, Consulting and Partnership) which can be aimed for, and 8 criteria by which engagement projects can be designed, carried out and assessed.

What is SP=EED Verification?
Would you like to be recognised for your skills in community engagement?

SP=EED Verification is a two-part programme offered by PAS which verifies an individual’s competence in using the SP=EED approach and demonstrates that they have completed a written reflective learning assessment and:

  • allows individuals to develop a greater understanding of SP=EED and its practical application
  • provides a greater understanding of the range of skills required for effective engagement including interpersonal and “softer” skills
  • encourages the use of a range of creative and effective engagement tools to suit different scenarios
  • offers individuals the opportunity to have their engagement methods verified by independent planning and engagement professionals

There are two parts to SP=EED Verification:
Part 1: Understanding SP=EED
A 3.5 hour interactive workshop facilitated by our SP=EED Verification Trainers.

Part 2: Putting SP=EED into practice:
A written reflective-learning submission based on at least one engagement process which has utilised SP=EED principles. This will be verified by independent planning and engagement professionals and by PAS.

What happens once I become SP=EED Verified?

  • You become part of a ‘SP=EED Aware’ Network
  • Opportunity for you or your organisation to advertise you as SP=EED verified

Our upcoming Part 1 events will take place on:

    Inverness – Thursday 28 September 2017
    Edinburgh – Thursday 25 January 2018
    Glasgow – Thursday 20 September 2018

£250 per person (Parts 1 and 2)

How to register
To register for SP=EED Verification please complete the Application Form or for general enquiries please e-mail

We can also deliver a dedicated SP=EED Verification programme for your organisation.

“Gaining SP=EED Verification has been really useful to enhancing the quality of my community engagement work with communities on planning issues. The training provided lots of fresh ideas and a good explanation of the SP=EED process. The materials provided were very comprehensive and invaluable to completing my project.”

“Very relevant to my profession in private sector planning – highlighted the SP=EED principles we currently adopt and additional ideas to incorporate into our strategies.”

“As a recent graduate I believe SP=EED Verification training has given me the edge to step out as a planner to interact with people and incorporate their views in the planning process.”

“We do a lot of community engagement so it was very relevant and interesting to discuss and share experiences.”

“Extremely useful for any profession which involves both built environment and people’s opinions.”

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