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Postponed until early 2018

See the conference agenda here.

Community empowerment and inclusive growth is a key Scottish Government priority which is embedded in the 2015 Community Empowerment Act and the 2016 Land Reform Act.

Community empowerment is also a cornerstone of the current programme of planning reform, as it seeks to achieve an alignment and closer integration of spatial planning with community planning. The link between community planning and spatial planning is likely to become a statutory requirement in the forthcoming Planning Bill, as is the introduction of local place plans.

There is already a wealth of experience of empowerment within community development, particularly in rural areas. However, the implications of the new legislation for planning and property professionals, particularly in the public sector and as it applies to urban areas, are not always well understood. Similarly, the closer link being forged between community empowerment/community planning and spatial planning through planning reform will have important implications for the planning and property sectors and requires greater clarity.

This conference (run jointly by JH Planning and PAS) focuses on those aspects of current and anticipated future legislation that will have a particular impact on the built environment – and in particular on:

  • Extension of the community right to buy to urban areas
  • Asset transfer requests
  • Aligning community planning and spatial planning through a statutory link
  • Incorporation of community-led local place plans into the local development plan
  • Whereas earlier land reform initiatives focused almost exclusively on rural areas, the latest round of land reform, community empowerment and community engagement measures provide a greater focus for urban areas, a platform for urban regeneration and for tackling inequality. Against this background the conference will focus on the exchange of information, existing, emerging and proposed practice, and through the use of case studies, will look at the issues that arise for built environment practitioners and how these have been tackled so far.

    Our aim is to increase understanding and awareness of what community empowerment means for planning, estates management, regeneration and local economic development, and how implementation is likely to unfold in the future.

    Our hope is that people will leave the event better informed about the opportunities that community empowerment offers, and how these can best be taken forward by communities and local authorities working together.

    See the conference agenda here.

    Who should attend?
    This event will be of value to planners, estates/property people, and community planning practitioners particularly in local government. It will also be of relevance to community groups and other organisations and individuals involved with Community Empowerment.

    Cost to attend
    Local authorities, private companies £80
    Community groups, individuals, third sector organisations £40

    For further information or to make a booking, please contact Joyce Hartley (07896 058343