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Earlier this year PAS was commissioned by Cupar Development Trust to facilitate an intensive engagement process to produce a community-led Town Centre Action Plan.

The project was funded with support from Fife Council, the Scottish Government and the Big Lottery Fund – Scotland and utilised the PAS Charretteplus® model whereby residents, schools, local authority representatives, community groups, local businesses and other stakeholders come together to discuss ideas for the future of their community.

CuparCould took place over four days in March and comprised a series of public exhibitions and workshops aimed at encouraging participants to think about the future of their town.

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In the run up to the event a detailed programme of pre-engagement was undertaken to gain initial insight into the town and animate the local community. This process also used PAS educational tools to engage young people and included workshops based around The Place Standard, as well as an online survey.

The workshops, facilitated by PAS staff, volunteers and associates, generated very interesting debate leading to masterplanning ideas focusing on buildings, connections and spaces where opportunities for improvement had been identified.

All feedback and comments received were then rigorously analysed by the PAS team and a feedback summit event took place on 21 April at which Julia Frost of PAS presented key priorities. There was a great buzz as participants saw how their ideas had been turned into potential future actions.

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Proposals were grouped around the themes of movement, public spaces and buildings, with visualisations of how a town centre with better provision for pedestrians, young people, families and visitors could be realised in practice. Images are now available at

David Kirk, Chairman of Cupar Development Trust said: “Ideas have come from young and old, from businesses and from local groups. However, now a lot of collaborative effort is going to be required going forward to establish that action plan.

The finalised Town Centre Action Plan is expected to be ready by the end of May.

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