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Support and skills training

Skills training
We support elected members in their role in as decision-makers in the planning system, as well as assisting Community Councils in their role as statutory consultees (and beyond) in the planning system.

SP=EED® is our free guide to effective community engagement in planning and offers a practical framework for designing, delivering and evaluating engagement projects. SP=EED Verification is our two-part programme which verifies competence in using the SP=EED approach and develops the softer skills required for effective community engagement.

Development Planning
We support planning authorities in preparing local development plans to undertake more effective and inclusive public engagement, including engagement with seldom-heard groups and children and young people.

Place-based projects
We have been working with local authorities and community groups to deliver place-based improvement projects since 2012. This includes charrette-type projects and increasingly community-led place plans.

Place-based projects – community led

Place-based projects – local authority led

Seldom-heard groups
We work to engage seldom-heard groups such as Gypsy/Travellers in the planning system. In 2014, we produced a series of guides aimed at creating better engagement of Gypsy/Travellers within the Scottish planning system. Full details and the guides can be viewed at this link.

Young people

Advice service
We encourage planning authorities and public bodies to refer members of the public to our free, confidential and impartial planning advice service.

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