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PAS also offers a range of training and opportunities for professionals across all disciplines in the built environment sector. Whether you want to refresh existing knowledge or learn new skills we can tailor our training to suit you.

SP=EED® is our free guide to effective community engagement in planning and offers a practical framework for carrying out engagement projects. SP=EED® Verification is our two-part programme which verifies competence in using the SP=EED approach and develops the “softer skills” required for effective community engagement.

PAS also offers training in facilitation, mediation and conflict resolution. Charretteplus® Verification training is currently being developed.

PAS was commissioned in 2014 by The Scottish Government to produce a series of guides aimed at creating better engagement of Gypsy/Travellers within the Scottish planning system. Full details and the guides can be viewed at this link.

The PAS information sheets are a useful guide for anybody who is involved with the planning system in any way.

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