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planning information

  1. The Development Plan – Find out about how future land uses for your area are decided, planning polices, and how to get involved preparation of the development plan (278 KB PDF)
  2. Development Management – Find out about how to apply for planning permission, how applications are determined and how to comment on applications (256 KB PDF)
  3. Material Considerations – Find out what are, and are not, relevant matters in commenting on planning applications (182 KB PDF)
  4. Planning Appeals and Local Reviews – Find out how decisions on planning applications can be challenged (187 KB PDF)
  5. Enforcement – Find out how the planning system deals with unauthorised development (179 KB PDF)
  6. Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas – Find out how planning protects our built heritage (179 KB PDF)
  7. Rights and Challenges in the Scottish Planning System – A basic guide to the avenues available to anyone who does not agree with a planning decision (257 KB PDF)
  8. Planning and Transport – Find out how transport-related matters impact on the planning system (188KB PDF)
  9. Glossary of Common Planning Terms in Scotland (195 KB PDF)

other websites relevant to the planning system:

  1. Scottish Government
  2. Royal Town Planning Institute
  3. Architecture and Design Scotland
  4. Historic Scotland
  5. Scottish Environmental Protection Agency
  6. Scottish Natural Heritage
  7. Transport Scotland
  8. Royal Institute of Architects in Scotland
  9. Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors
  10. Built Environment Forum Scotland

other relevant websites

  1. Development Trust Association Scotland
  2. Citizens Advice Scotland
  3. Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations
  4. Scottish Community Development Centre
  5. Scottish Urban Regeneration Forum
  6. Sustainable Scotland Network
  7. The Scottish Public Service Ombudsman

other PAS Services

  1. PAS England
  2. PAS for London
  3. PAS Wales