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Plan It Applecross – Draft Community Land Use Plan – Open for consultation

We wish to invite you to view and comment on a draft of the Applecross Community Land Use Plan.

An initiative of the Applecross Community Company, the Community Land Use Plan linked below has been produced by PAS as part of the Plan It Applecross community engagement process.

This plan is intended to provide a framework for the future of Applecross, and identifies potential and preferred geographical areas which are suitable for future development. Such development may include new homes, recreational areas, community and commercial buildings, and walking routes.

The strategy, proposals, and identified sites contained within this plan are the result of research, stakeholder meetings, and a series of community conversations and workshops in Applecross (March and April 2019) where people came together to discuss and share ideas for the future of Applecross.

By involving the community throughout the entire project the aim is to build this plan together and include the views of all community members. The aim is for the final document to be used as Highland Council planning guidance and to guide community projects over the short, medium and long term.

To ensure that the production of this plan is as representative as possible the Applecross Community Land Use Plan is now being made available to the community, wider public and key stakeholders to comment on, over a four-week period, from 3 May – 3 June 2019.

Draft Plan and Response Form

View the Draft Community Land Use Plan: low resolution (24Mb) | high resolution (60Mb)

Please click here to download a consultation response form, which gives details of how to submit your feedback.

Please submit your feedback by 9am on 3 June 2019.

Reference copies of the Draft Community Land Use Plan may also be found at:
• Community Hall
• Applecross Community Company Offices (Hartfield House)