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planning process

Town Planning is not mere place-planning, nor even work planning. If it is to be successful it must be folk planning – Patrick Geddes
Scotland’s planning system puts a strong emphasis on involving people and communities to have their say on what a place looks like. Planning decides where development should happen, where it should not happen, and how it affects and fits into its surroundings. The planning system is essential for economic growth, protecting the environment, promoting sustainability and creating places which improve the quality of life for all.

PAS aims to simplify this process and encourage people to get more involved with the planning system to create the best places for them.

In this section you can find a range of information to help you understand more about how the planning system works, the language used and ways in which you can get involved.

There are also useful contacts for your area and links to your local authority’s website.

I see the work of PAS as essential for communities to ensure they can respond appropriately to the Planning Act” – Natasha Willis, local resident in Greenock and Community Councillor for Greenock Central Community Council
I’m so grateful, after only one phone call with a PAS volunteer the fear and stress of the whole scenario vanished. I’m so grateful. Thank you” – Tracy Gowland, local resident in Livingston
This is an extremely helpful service – makes planning issues much more equitable” – Mrs Spellman, Dumfries & Galloway