As we await the formal guidance for Local Place Plans to be brought forward by the Scottish Government later this year, we have put together a guide to share how we think they could work. Formal guidance and mechanisms to support Local Place Plans are not yet in place, however we know many communities are keen to start considering the potential of Local Place Plans and how they might benefit their community. We hope this guide whets the appetite! Click here to access the guide.

This guide is intended as a helpful resource for any community group looking to prepare a Local Place Plan (LPP). The suggested approach outlined is not intended to be prescriptive. Every effort should be made to adapt any recommendations to your local setting and needs; every place is different and so every Local Place Plan will be different. An overarching ambition should be to take a collaborative approach, bringing together different sections and interests in your community so that your final plan will have buy-in from as many people as possible. This approach is a key aspect of placemaking and the Place Principle. Working in this way will make the ambitions for your place contained within your Local Place Plan more inclusive, realistic and deliverable.

Find out more about Local Place Plans on our Local Place Plans page.