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We recently finished ‘Buckhaven Links!’ Charretteplus project and published the final Action Plan and Spatial Masterplan documents. Commissioned by CLEAR, with funding from the Scottish Government and support from Fife Council, the purpose of this charrette was to find a shared vision for Buckhaven, focusing in on the foreshore, town centre, and links between.

Led by PAS volunteers, staff, and associates, this Charretteplus® involved early discussions, a community survey, youth engagement events, and design sessions – using tools such as IMBY® and the Scottish Government’s Place Standard Tool. Residents suggested a need for:

  • Identity: A more attractive and distinctive identity for those who live and visit Buckhaven.
  • Movement: Improved access in and around Buckhaven, and beyond, making use of its links to broader path networks, and transport.
  • Environment & Sustainability: Enhancement of Buckhaven’s environmental and visual appeal through the creation of a varied and biodiverse green network which is people friendly.
  • Interaction: Better facilitation and encouragement of community interaction and energy.
  • The Buckhaven Community Action Plan, and Spatial Master Plan build on the success of CLEAR’s existing work and represent all the resident inspired actions, interventions, and proposals captured throughout the Charretteplus® programme. The charrette process and community plans have been well received by CLEAR:

    “Beforehand, we struggled to imagine how we could conduct even a much more modest consultation and community planning exercise before the charrette came along. […] The end results look good. You’ve provided an excellent platform for the next stage of Buckhaven’s development.” Allen Armstrong, CLEAR.

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