We would like to thank all those who have been involved in the Plan It Applecross community engagement process (led by PAS), which has resulted in the production of the Applecross Community Land Use Plan. This plan has now been finalised and you can download a copy of it here, alongside a report summarising The Highland Council statutory public consultation on the plan, which was held over May and June.

The Applecross Community Land Use Plan helps address specific local issues such as housing affordability, land supply, sustainable development and tourism planning.

Plan It Applecross has been an ongoing collaborative process since January 2019 involving local people, and multiple stakeholders including the commissioning party the Applecross Community Company, major landowners The Applecross Trust, the local authority The Highland Council, developers The Highland Small Communities Housing Trust, and various statutory bodies: Scottish Natural Heritage, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency and Historic Environment Scotland.

It has been a truly collaborative planning and engagement process, made possible through neutral facilitation and positive engagement with the whole community. 

The development of this plan has already enabled the Applecross Community Company to:

  • plan for feasibility studies, with landowner consent on three different sites identified within the plan; and
  • begin conversations with funders and stakeholders on several initiatives such as sustainable/active travel provision and the establishment of community woodlands at Torgarve.

This plan may represent an early iteration of a Local Place Plan, recently incorporated within the new Planning (Scotland) Bill, set to be enacted later this year. We hope that this model will be a useful tool for other communities and rural landowners looking to plan for growth in their area through the development of a Local Place Plan. Find more information about Local Place Plans here.

What Next?

This autumn The Highland Council will submit the plan to the Ross and Cromarty Committee so that it may be endorsed as at least “a material planning consideration for development management purposes”. Once this has been completed the plan will be sent to the Scottish Government’s for endorsement will be sought for the Plan’s adoption as Statutory Supplementary Guidance, thus giving which would give it equal status to the Local Development Plan (WestPlan).

To find out more about the Applecross Community Land Use Plan or Local Place Plans, please contact Rob – email rob@pas.org.uk or call 0131 220 9730.