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We were delighted to take part in the recent launch event for a new skills hub for planners, Partners in Planning.

Partners in Planning is an online platform to support Scotland’s planners in delivering successful places – and one, at PAS, that we think will be a great resource for our network of volunteers (planners).

Supported by the Partners in Planning Forum, a partnership of key organisations and sectors, it promotes a single access point to the knowledge and skills that enables behavioural change.

It will provide those working with the planning system with one place to search for information, policy, guidance, lead practice, research, news, events and training opportunities and to categorise search result between four main areas: news, events, learn and policy.

As well searching content on this site, the key difference to this platform is that it also links directly to relevant partner organisations’ web pages, removing the need to search through many levels of many different sites. Users will also be able to directly submit content that will contribute to skills and learning.

Find out more at Do you have resources or information that could benefit other planners? If so, consider submitting links to your content or events on the website.