2018 was an important year for our organisation – it was Scotland’s Year of Young People and it saw an increasing number of PAS projects involving youth and children in the planning process. As we and our Education Team look forward to 2019 and engaging more young Scottish citizens with placemaking, join us in reviewing some of the highlights from the last 12 months.

Early 2018 saw completion of Stage 1 of the project in the Cowdenbeath area, supported through the Aspiring Communities Fund and the European Social Fund led by the Scottish Government. Read about how pupils of Beath High School contributed and assisted their communities, including the interactive workshops in Kelty, Crossgates and Hill of Beath.

In March, we completed the youth project called In the Footsteps of Geddes, where young people from communities across Scotland looked at their places through the lens of visual education, originally proposed by Scottish thinker and polymath Patrick Geddes.

Spring saw the creation of our dedicated Youth Education Team. As we continue to put an emphasis on the importance of involving young people in decision making in general and planning in particular (young people will live the longest with decisions made today), the Education Team is dedicated to engaging Scotland’s young people directly in matters to do with planning through the Bridging the Gap programme, funded by the Scottish Government.

We deliver our work thanks to the time and skills of our volunteers from the field of planning, with various areas of expertise. Jenny Wood is one of our volunteers and is an expert on children’s rights and young people’s relationship with place. If you are thinking about volunteering with PAS, make sure to get to know Jenny and her experience as a PAS Volunteer first! 

Golden Glenrothes was a Charretteplus project delivered with Fife Council – one of many community placemaking projects last year where young people were actively involved in the process. From the name, chosen by the pupils of Glenwood High School, to taking an active part in the conversations focused on the regeneration of the Glenwood Centre, the young people of Glenrothes West took an active part and enjoyed influencing the future of their community.

In September, we and our long-term “Bridging the Gap” partner Galashiels Academy hosted a European Youth Camp. Young international participants with their guardians, hailing from Germany, Latvia, Norway and Poland, experienced Scottish hospitality and made new friends with youngsters from this Borders town and their families. The event was an important opportunity to exchange various experiences in active citizenship and placemaking while building confidence, learning from each other and forging international bonds.

The Scottish Awards for Quality in Planning 2018 ceremony marked an important milestone for PAS and our partner organisation Article 12. The work with young Gypsy/Travellers delivered through In the Footsteps of Geddes was recognised with an award as an example of a successful partnership, leading to greater engagement of this community with planning, as well as skill and confidence building among its youth. You can see the outputs created by young people who took part in In the Footsteps of Geddes and workshop report here.

In November and December, we worked with Historic Environment Scotland to engage with young people in Kirkwall, Orkney. Over two workshops, we learned what they considered important in local heritage and the young people came up with their own heritage criteria. They also took us on a tour of Kirkwall, showing us the heritage they were most proud of and most wanted to protect. Blog post coming soon!

Make sure to follow PAS in 2019 – we very much look forward to new encounters between young people and placemaking!