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In The Footsteps of Geddes is a Heritage Lottery funded project, focused on connecting young people from backgrounds facing various challenges with their places and heritage through Geddesian visual education, using modern technology and the Place Standard tool.

Continuing the mission started by our previous youth-oriented projects, “In the Footsteps of Geddes” engages young people with their place and heritage through the medium of digital technology. This is based on Patrick Geddes’s “Regional Survey” technique and his promotion of visual education. The project also employs the Scottish Government’s Place Standard Tool as a method of assessing and learning about place. The project is funded by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The project explores the Geddesian approach of systematic learning about place through the “Regional Survey” and then conveying that information visually. The goal is to improve young people’s engagement with the heritage of their area, introduce them to new technology and to promote ‘active citizenship’. This is done to address the under-representation of young voices in planning debates, with the focus on various ‘seldom heard’ groups, such as young Gypsy/Travelers, people facing limited opportunities and young members of remote and deprived communities.

  • Providing young people (including those from ‘seldom heard’ groups) with tools and capacity to analyse their place.
  • Engaging the participants with their local heritage through the process of identification and examination.
  • Exploring the benefits of the use of technology when engaging with place and heritage.
  • Trialling the Scottish Government’s Place Standard Tool.
  • Images and materials from the project will be published on the website in the coming months.

    To find out more about In The Footsteps of Geddes, please contact Wojciech Borowski 0131 220 9730.