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Over the past 3-4 months PAS has been running a Charretteplus® in the Glenrothes West communities of Macedonia, Tanshall and Caskieberran. Outcomes will include a Community Action Plan and Masterplan, including a costed masterplan for the central feature of the neighbourhood, the Glenwood Centre.

Pre-charrette activities were held using tools such as IMBY® and the Scottish Government Place Standard and involved: two separate days of youth activities, a community wide survey, one to one meetings, community BBQ’s, and ‘drop-in’ events. The main Charrette events were then held over four separate sessions and a number of themes emerged. It was felt that neighbourhood activity and energy could be promoted through a Community hub, possibly within the existing (recently closed) library, and that more social activities should occur in the area. Movement around the neighbourhood could also be improved by prioritising accessibility, mobility, active travel, and public transportation. It was felt that Greenspace could be enhanced through a more comprehensive maintenance programme, more seating, bike trails, a woodland path, and the possibility of co-ownership. It was also suggested that access to affordable Housing should be prioritised, and that property maintenance in the area could be improved.

It became clear that the majority of residents that attended felt that the flats and directly adjoining retail units in the Glenwood Centre were untidy, neglected, and should be restored or replaced. Three regeneration options were then produced with low to high level interventions proposed. Alongside the development of a masterplan these options are being worked up to provide detailed costings to assist the community with future decision making.

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