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Over the course of 2017-18, the Golden Glenrothes project – as named by the pupils of Glenwood High – engaged the Glenrothes West neighbourhoods of Macedonia, Tanshall, Caskieberran in the future of their place.

Conversations focused on the regeneration of the Glenwood Centre, and addressed broad issues such as transport, access, and greenspace.It generated ideas from young people (local primary and high schools), businesses and the wider community in a series of workshops and walkabouts.

Find out more about ‘Golden Glenrothes’ in the new project summary.

The final project report and action plan are accessible at the links below:

The work with students at Glenwood High will continue as part of a new PAS project, Bridging the Gap. Young people will live the longest with the decisions we make today. ‘Bridging the Gap’ is a project which will equip young people with the skills and tools needed to engage with town planning and place and learn about decision making. The project will also forge sustained intergenerational partnerships within communities. Glenrothes is one of four locations for the Bridging the Gap project in 2018.