Getting more people involved in the planning: PAS supports the aims of Scottish Government consultation launched today

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10 January 2017

PAS welcomes the announcement of a public consultation on the planning system, launched this morning by Kevin Stewart MSP, Minister for Local Government and Housing.

Petra Biberbach, PAS Chief Executive:

“This is a great opportunity for people and communities across Scotland to actively shape and inform the future Planning Bill that will follow on from this consultation. We welcome the focus on getting more people involved in the planning system and in shaping their places and communities.”

“This consultation and subsequent Planning Bill have the potential to unlock many opportunities for communities across Scotland, through getting people more involved in planning, through some of the proposed changes to the system, but importantly through linking directly with community planning, the Community Empowerment Act and Land Reform Act to help achieve the aims of the planning system, supporting community ownership and community-led ‘local place plans’.

Kevin Stewart MSP, Minister for Local Government and Housing (from the Ministerial foreword to the consultation):

“The places where we live, work and play can have a major impact on our health, wellbeing, sense of identity and prosperity. Planning can nurture our places, our environment and our communities and guide future change so that it benefits everyone […] Planning should not be bureaucratic and dull, but inspiring and influential.”

The consultation document puts public participation at the heart of its four overarching recommendations: We want Scotland’s planning system to empower people to have more influence on the future of their places. To achieve this, we can improve the way we involve people in the planning process.

The four key themes of the consultation:

The consultation is open until April 2017 and PAS encourages as many people as possible to read and respond to it. It can be accessed online on the Scottish Government consultation website.

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