Fauldhouse Focus

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Fauldhouse Focus follow-up event
In May 2016, PAS ran a community engagement process on behalf of West Lothian Council. The initiative was led by West Lothian Council and other local stakeholders including Fauldhouse Community Development Trust who formed part of the steering group. PAS, using its Charretteplus® model, led the project with funding from the Scottish Government and West Lothian Council.

Fauldhouse Focus is a series of conversations with the people of Fauldhouse that have taken place over the last few months. Fauldhouse Focus was designed to be a community led initiative, where those living in Fauldhouse would discuss and share their ideas for change.

Fauldhouse Focus had three phases of public engagement and was complemented by an online and social media presence throughout. Early engagement throughout March, April and May 2016 allowed us to gauge and understand local aspirations and concerns from a range of perspectives and set the agenda for Fauldhouse Focus.

Fauldhouse Focus was facilitated by PAS staff, volunteers and associates and held over four days between the 11th and 14th of May 2016. Discussions generated interesting conversations and progressed from big picture aspirations to a clear set of proposals for us to work on.

After the main event conversations were captured, the PAS team analysed the feedback and comments, and a follow-up event took place on the 8th of June 2016 to present, discuss and seek comment on the initial package of village improvements. There was a real buzz around Fauldhouse and we even managed to enlist the help of ‘Freckles the clown’ and the sun to provide us with entertainment and good weather!

Photos, maps and design illustrations helped bring to life proposals around
– Living in Fauldhouse
– Playing in Fauldhouse
– Moving in Fauldhouse

All proposals are geared towards the primary vision of enhancing Fauldhouse village into a more attractive, active and accessible place for those who live and work there.

For more information visit: where you can find the proposals displayed at the follow-up event.






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