News  |  Posted June 2, 2022

Draft-NPF4 Community Events

Reflections on the community discussion events led by PAS in March 2022

‘Enlightening, ‘necessary’ and ‘refreshing’, or ‘daunting’, ‘woolly’ and ‘wordy’? These are just several of many individual words offered by participants in our community workshops when asked about their first impressions of the Draft Fourth National Planning Framework 4 (Draft NPF4). 

The forthcoming NPF4 will be the national spatial plan which sets out an approach to planning and development that will help to achieve a net zero, sustainable Scotland by 2045. Putting together a national long-term plan is never a straightforward task and the Scottish Government was keen for comments and feedback from as many different perspectives as possible to help inform the final NPF4.  

This led to an extensive public consultation process, underpinned by a ‘Have your say’ engagement programme of resources and a series of nine events offered by the Scottish Government via the Transforming Planning website. The two online community events facilitated by PAS on 22 and 24 March 2022 were designed as an additional invitation for communities to consider how best to respond before the consultation closed on 31 March. 

Participants had the opportunity to gain an overview of the Draft NPF4 from PAS staff and volunteers, to hear the views of other community groups and individuals, and to think about how to craft their views and local experiences into an effective consultation response.  

With over 50 participants from a range of community groups across Scotland, conversation was lively and informed. As one participant commented there was huge value in ‘listening to the honest and varied opinions and concerns of others across Scotland’. And as another pointed out it was ‘great to meet so many different people who are interested in their communities’.  

Thank you to everyone who joined us and we look forward to the publication of the final NPF4 later in the year. To keep up to date on NPF4, visit the Scottish Government’s Transforming Planning website.