HELPLINE: 0300 323 7602 - Calls cost no more than a national rate call

Your expertise as a planner can have an enormously positive impact on people’s lives. Our Advice Service volunteers continuously help individuals and community groups across Scotland, helping them to understand planning processes and resolve any problems. What might just take a short phone call for you can make all the difference to a member of the public who has no knowledge of the planning system.

We have a large number of volunteers who take part in our wider activities and place-based projects. However, we are specifically looking to recruit MRTPI planners to volunteer for our Advice Service. Over the course of a year, our Advice Service volunteers typically take on a minimum of six cases.

As an Advice Volunteer you can count your volunteering hours toward your continued professional development when you take on new cases and you develop in line with your own professional goals. We’ll also invite you to our Advice Service Forum to share experiences, network and learn something new.

Volunteering for the Advice Service is convenient and flexible. The Advice Service team emails volunteers a summary of current enquiries. When you see something you feel you can help with, you simply respond and take the case by email. This then usually involves you arranging a short call with the client soon afterwards to discuss their enquiry. Once the enquiry is resolved, you send a short summary back to our Advice Service team. That’s all it takes.

We are continually developing and improving the Advice Service process, based on feedback from our volunteers and clients, to provide an excellent service to communities across Scotland. Come and join us! Contact Erin at to find out more.