engagement skills

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PAS offers specialist training in softer engagement skills, including facilitation. We also offer mediation through fully trained mediators.

Facilitation Skills Training

Facilitation skills training is for all built environment professionals who would like to develop and improve their facilitation skills, to help with situations such as facilitating public events or hosting internal and external meetings. It is also a chance to learn about SP=EED (the PAS guide to effective community engagement in planning).

Facilitation skills training typically involves a range of workshops, structured discussion and short presentations, with time to develop key skills and techniques – along with the confidence to apply them in practical scenarios. There is also an opportunity to discuss experiences and consider situations where facilitation skills might prove useful such as when delivering events for the public, hosting internal and external meetings, at committee, and also in other ad-hoc situations such as workshops or staff events.

Mediation Skills Training

Mediation Skills Training provides an introduction to mediation skills and techniques for all professional staff involved in Scotland’s planning system, working with the public – development planning, development management, transport planning, environmental officers, building standards, community planning partnerships, housing officers and others.

Providing a taster of what mediation skills can achieve and introducing participants to thinking about how they could be applied, the training covers: awareness-raising about mediation; a demonstration of mediation in action, through carefully constructed role plays involving participants; and facilitated discussion with participants about how they think mediation could be used in planning.

PAS training for seldom heard groups is delivered by various built environment professionals. We can deliver training where you are on weekdays or Saturdays.

As part of our training we offer independent and impartial advice as well as continued aftercare and support after each event through our advice service.

If you would like to arrange PAS engagement skills training for yourself or your colleagues, your business, customers, your business, customers, or stakeholders – please call David McAllister on 0131 659 9775 or e-mail us at

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