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What is a Charrette?
The Scottish Government describes a charrette as “an interactive design process, in which the public and stakeholders work directly with a specialised design team to generate a community vision, masterplan and action plan”. The charrette process takes place over a number weeks and months. They have become an integral part of Scottish placemaking activity in the last decade, thanks to continued support from the Scottish Government.

What is Charretteplus®?
Charretteplus® is PAS’s charrette model, delivered using our team of professional staff, volunteers and associates. It focuses specifically on aligning spatial planning with community planning. The process is guided by PAS’s SP=EED® principles for engagement and utilises PAS education programmes to actively involve young people from the local area.

Charretteplus® is playing a positive role in leading the evolution of the charrette process in Scotland. By linking community empowerment, democratic citizenship and capacity-building, the Charretteplus® model supports and partners local communities (including businesses, residents, institutions and Community Planning partners) to plan and deliver the future of their place.

What happens at a charrette?
Typically, following a run-in period of research, pre-engagement and publicity, a temporary design studio is set up in a local venue. Members of the public, local authority staff and other stakeholders then work together with the design team over several days to develop ideas into plans and designs.

The design team develops and revises proposals incorporating the emerging ideas and concepts generated during workshops and public design sessions. A follow-up event is usually held a few weeks later with a presentation to the community and stakeholders, where the community leads om the next stage. An illustrated report of the charrette and its findings/proposals is then prepared, to help with implementation and delivery.

Although the purpose of the charrette programme has focused principally on the design of the physical environment, charrette projects also often consider the wider social and economic issues of the community concerned and aim to leave a legacy of grass-roots community activity and active citizenship.

I really enjoyed being part of the Levenmouth Charretteplus® – it’s good to help people work out stuff for themselves, and realise where they share views with others.
PAS volunteer

“The aim of CuparCould has been to agree a town centre vision for the year 2020 and to identify the projects which would help bring about improvements that are wanted. Ideas have come from young and old, from businesses and from local groups. However, now a lot of collaborative effort is going to be required going forward.”
David Kirk, Chairman, Cupar Development Trust

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