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PAS Associates Scheme

The Associates Scheme provides a means of employing specialists with experience, knowledge and skills that complement and supplement those of PAS volunteers and staff. Associates usually operate alongside PAS volunteers and members of PAS staff and act in the same independent and impartial manner. There are two criteria for inviting Associates to participate in PAS activity:

  • when a project or task is intense and demanding and/or taking place over a short period of time
  • when a project or task requires skills and/or availability which volunteers and staff do not have

How the PAS Associates Scheme operates
PAS is establishing a pool of Associates that can be called upon as and when required. We welcome interest from other Built Environment professionals as well as planners to become involved as Associates.

Associates must demonstrate that they have the necessary technical skills to lead and assist with PAS service delivery, as well as excellent communication and facilitation skills. If you have knowledge and skills in one or more of the above list, are able to represent PAS and can demonstrate relevant experience and a flexible approach to delivery, we would be interested in talking to you.

Selection of PAS Associates for projects
Criteria for selection will include relevance of skills and experience to project and client and availability. Preference is given to those Associates who were already volunteers with PAS when they joined the Associate Scheme and who continue to volunteer with PAS.

What happens next?
Prospective PAS Associates are asked to register their interest by filling in the form on this website. Please send your CV detailing your experience to: Erin Fulton: References will be taken up and where relevant, membership of RTPI and/or other professional institutes will be verified,. PAS has a distinct ethos so we will hold an induction meeting and/or one to one meeting with successful candidates.

For more information please contact Petra Biberbach (CEO) on 0131 659 9771.

PAS does not know what kinds of projects it will be asked to undertake in the future. It is therefore not possible to guarantee that a PAS Associate appointed to the Scheme will be offered any work. PAS also retains the right to limit the number of Associates in the Scheme.