PAS is supporting the Scottish Government in its preparation of the National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4), which is expected to be published in 2021. This framework is a strategy considering development and infrastructure to support sustainable and inclusive growth for the next 30 years. The proposed policy document includes areas such as the climate change agenda, character of place, quality of life and wellbeing, infrastructure, investment, and economy. For the purpose of our engagement with young people, we are specifically looking at the following topics: Climate Change, People, Work and Place.

  • We asked young people about the key issues that the Scottish Government should address in its next National Planning Framework.
  • We received over 120 responses to a survey launched a couple of weeks ago.
  • We are now planning workshops to discuss the issues further and to gather views to share with the Scottish Government as they prepare the National Planning Framework.

The engagement to date has taken the form of a survey with questions on the key issues from the young person’s perspective. The survey is open to anyone (14 – 26 years old), no matter the geographical location within Scotland, school or organisation. The responses often overlap across the topics above, most frequently on climate change and affordable and efficient transport. The survey will remain open until February in order to gather as many responses as possible.

The next stage of the engagement will be virtual workshops where the issues mentioned will be discussed further. These workshops will be held via Zoom and structured in order to provide space for anyone wanting to discuss their views. There are two workshops scheduled in 2020 and two more in 2021 (dates tbc).

With the pandemic leading to a transformation in the way we work and interact, we are seeing a positive transformation in the world of policy making – young people being asked and listened to and their views incorporated. Supporting this process, we want to make sure the responses we collect are included and possible changes implemented. We want to ensure that young people’s ideas are discussed and they receive a responses to any of their concerns.

We are proud to announce this project is supported by organisations including YoungScot, Youth Link, Rural Youth Project, and various Scottish universities. Should your school/organisation be interested to hold an individual workshop, please get in touch with We look forward to hearing from you!