Our Charretteplus model

A ‘charrette’ is typically described as an interactive process, in which the public and stakeholders work directly with a specialised team to generate a community vision, masterplan and action plan.

Charretteplus® is our own model for delivering charrettes that we have developed since 2013, guided by our SP=EED  principles for meaningful engagement. Charretteplus projects are delivered using our team of professional staff, volunteers and associates.

Education is key to our Charretteplus model. Our volunteers (planning professionals) give their time and expertise to help community groups build their capacity and ability to engage in the decisions that impact their place, through workshops and training events. Charretteplus also incorporates elements of our youth engagement programmes to actively involve young people from the local area, as part of ensuring open, inclusive participation of all ages and voices in a place.

An important aspect of our Charretteplus model is the early ‘pre-charrette’ research and engagement with the local community and stakeholders, to gain an understanding of local knowledge about the place. Thanks to this early mapping of local knowledge, Charretteplus can focus more time and energy on the most important issues and aspirations for the community during the main charrette itself.

If you are interested to find out more, please contact Julia Frost (0131 659 9772; julia@pas.org.uk).